Saturday, November 28, 2009

why, hello there

This is almost the beginning of an adventure in which two sisters set out to indulge their various fascinations and enthusiasms by making things. You have (probably) missed (most of) the boring parts. You may be in time for thrilling escapades, cozy chitchat, odd curios, and even a recipe or two, though one never can be sure.

Let us introduce ourselves:

Megan (that's me) and Shannon (that's her). And this is us.
photo courtesy of the lovely Neil

Right now, we are making t-shirts inspired by fairytales and those picture books we used to -- and still do -- love (Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, P. J. Lynch...). We get to mess around with India ink, light-sensitive chemicals, and a homemade screenprinting apparatus. You can find the results of these experiments on Etsy by clicking here:

Most of the pictures are by Shannon and most of the words are by Megan, though sometimes we switch it up, just for fun.